1. using few words; expressing much in few words; concise:
a laconic reply.




  1. ME



1. a speech read or delivered before an audience or class, especially for instruction or to set forth some subject.


Now you get it.  LACONIC LEXTURES.

I am not a recruiter but I work in recruiting.  Is that weird?  Nah.  I used to work at a company that manufactured passive components but am I an engineer?   Nah.  We all have something we specialize in, even if we aren’t specialists.  So I thought it would be interesting to give some perspective on things that I, personally, know nothing about.  I want to TRY to focus on recruiting, business, HR, etc.; I make no promises – because sometimes we need a little non-business related news in our lives.  That’s what the internet is for, right?  I get to have opinions and you get to listen to them and I don’t have to care otherwise.  Hooray for technology!  (Please note that I’m not mentioning specific sources so, go figure it out.)

Let’s give this week a whack, shall we?

There’s still a gap to fill for jobs in IT.  

NO. FUCKING. WAY.  You mean to tell me, there are gaps in the job market?  Whew.  I’m glad I didn’t miss THAT article.  So POTUS signed stuff, and work and foreign visas are weird.  Got it.  Super shocking.

Facebook did something, again.

We got a real nail-biter here folks.  The book is watching your posts more closely.  Apparently there’s this thing called “fake news” going around.  So wait, they finally WANT to clear my feed of useless fucking bullshit?  Snaps for Facebook.  

Domino’s now making it easier to steal pizza.

Drones and robots have successfully delivered pizza in a couple countries now – making it even easier to hijack your neighbor’s dinner and eat for free.  Neat.  The second I saw the little guy scooting around I imagined myself punting it and yelling, “FREE PIZZA!”

Sharks spotted near surfers in California.

Seriously.  What can I say?  Sharks live in the ocean and  they see surfers as literally chunks of meat on plates floating in the ocean.  C’mon guys.



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