#Condiments am I right?

Have I been distracting you from your life?  I hope so.  I hope I can make a few minutes of your day a little different and interesting with my writing. If not oh well.  I amuse myself.

I had a Facebook status recently that said I was thinking of eating a chicken salad or perhaps some tacos.  Upon further thought I realized that really what I was deciding was, RANCH DRESSING OR SOUR CREAM?


It’s not that I don’t appreciate the taste of a meal-I can enjoy lots of things without adding anything to it….but I prefer to add things.  Let’s quick look at ranch dressing.  I put it on EVERYTHING.  Throw in some Frank’s red hot and I’m set.  Pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets (not McDonald’s, they have their own sweet and sour sauce that is TO DIE FOR).

I was not so ranch obsessed as a kid.  I think that from attending college and finding ways to keep your stomach full so you could save money for beer that you aren’t old enough to buy yet has had it’s influence.  I remember a George Foreman grill, hamburgers, buns, cheese, season salt, hot sauce and ranch.  That’s how we “cooked”. You’d be surprised how good ranch tastes with a can of tuna when you don’t have mayo.

Anyways.  I ended up eating tacos the other night.  I wanted sour cream.




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