“Wanna hear a story?” – A Thanksgiving Tale

I consider myself a friendly person.  I smile and hold doors and thank people and let people cut in line.  I had the pleasure of speaking with an elderly man while out for turkey day dinner.  I had finished making my salad plate and was heading toward the soup area.  I saw this elderly man heading in my same direction so I slowed down a bit so he could get ahead of me and go first.  We both must have read the kind of soups being served at the same time; because as I was thinking, “Cream of turkey?!?!?!?! AHHHH!!!” he said to me, “CREAM OF TURKEY, NO THANKS!”.  I mentioned I was thinking the same exact thing and told him I’d be going for the wedding soup.  He told me he was going for the wedding soup as well and I said, “Go with what you know.”  I thought maybe I had offended him because he slowly turned to look at me and asks, “You wanna hear a story?”.  Being the type of person I am I thought to myself, “HECK YES I DO.  YOU’RE ELDERLY SO THIS IS SO GOING TO BE AMAZING-DEAR GOD DO NOT LET THIS BE A LECTURE.”  I tell him, “sure” and he smiles as we both stand there in front of the soups having our little exchange.  His story follows:

“Back in my line of work I saw a lot of dead bodies.  With dead bodies you’ll see your share of maggots.  I can’t eat rice because it just looks too much like maggots-so no cream of turkey for me.”

That’s the story! I don’t even know if cream of turkey has rice in it, but he verified my distaste for it.  I said, “OH GROSS, COOL” and we both giggled and went our separate ways with our wedding soup.

READING IS FUN.  And now I will eat only brown rice.


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