Weird #dream O_o

I had a weird ass dream last night.  I was driving my car and turned onto a very snowy road.  I slowed down and was driving carefully when my car hit a patch and went FLYING across the road.  My driver side door flew open and I went flying out of the car (I always wear my seatbelt but can’t remember if I was in the dream).  I landed face down in the snow and looked up to see my car was sliding toward me.  I started yelling, “No God save me! Save me!” My car started to turn like it was going to slide and run me over and at the last second went the other direction and ran over my left hand (that was oddly stretched out in front of me because as I was screaming to be saved I was reaching with my left hand like I could stop the car with it?).  The car came to a stop and I looked at my hand which was fine.  I was fine-just laying in the snow.  I got up, got back in the car and drove to my mom’s house as if nothing had happened.

Reading is fun.  Angels are real (even in dreams).


“Wanna hear a story?” – A Thanksgiving Tale

I consider myself a friendly person.  I smile and hold doors and thank people and let people cut in line.  I had the pleasure of speaking with an elderly man while out for turkey day dinner.  I had finished making my salad plate and was heading toward the soup area.  I saw this elderly man heading in my same direction so I slowed down a bit so he could get ahead of me and go first.  We both must have read the kind of soups being served at the same time; because as I was thinking, “Cream of turkey?!?!?!?! AHHHH!!!” he said to me, “CREAM OF TURKEY, NO THANKS!”.  I mentioned I was thinking the same exact thing and told him I’d be going for the wedding soup.  He told me he was going for the wedding soup as well and I said, “Go with what you know.”  I thought maybe I had offended him because he slowly turned to look at me and asks, “You wanna hear a story?”.  Being the type of person I am I thought to myself, “HECK YES I DO.  YOU’RE ELDERLY SO THIS IS SO GOING TO BE AMAZING-DEAR GOD DO NOT LET THIS BE A LECTURE.”  I tell him, “sure” and he smiles as we both stand there in front of the soups having our little exchange.  His story follows:

“Back in my line of work I saw a lot of dead bodies.  With dead bodies you’ll see your share of maggots.  I can’t eat rice because it just looks too much like maggots-so no cream of turkey for me.”

That’s the story! I don’t even know if cream of turkey has rice in it, but he verified my distaste for it.  I said, “OH GROSS, COOL” and we both giggled and went our separate ways with our wedding soup.

READING IS FUN.  And now I will eat only brown rice.