#Stay-cation naps are the WORST.

I am super thankful to have a job that allows me paid days off. I love long weekends, getting stuff done and not HAVING to do anything.  I love sleeping in, eating, cleaning, etc.  I look forward to my coffee in the morning and starting the day.  I don’t enjoy it at 3am.  I took advantage of my Thanksgiving Stay-Cation at home and over napped.  Can a person over nap?  YES. YES THEY CAN.  Okay yes I CAN.  My brain tries to calculate hours of sleep to maintain some version of normal but it never pans out.  I think to myself, “Ok.  It’s 2pm so if I take a two hour nap I’ll be up by 4pm and once I’m functional I can think about dinner…and I’ll probably be in bed by 11 and if I get 8 hours of sleep then I’ll be up by 7am and if I need to I can always take a nap tomorrow since I’m off on Sunday so if I’m up early on Sunday I can nap that afternoon but an early nap because I have to be in bed Sunday night by at least 10 so I can try for 8 hours of sleep since I have to work Monday.”

What really happens is I set my alarm for my naps, hit the snooze button way too many times when they go off and end up pushing my calculated sleep schedule forward by usually around two hours.  Now here I am, 5am, up since 3 and writing this-while I think about when I will nap later today. Hashtag problems.     😉



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