This boot is made for….walkin’!

So happy that today might be the day to get my boot off!  I am fully aware there are people in the world with severe disabilities-this post is not for them.  It’s mine!  At the end of July I fractured my right heel and ended up on a soft cast and a storm trooper boot.  Days after getting my boot off, I broke my LEFT heel in three spots, and ended up in another storm trooper boot.  It is the day before Thanksgiving and I might actually get my boot off!  I wish I had better stories to go along with the breaks, however I was just WALKING in both instances.  The goal is to strengthen my ankles at this point.  I didn’t need surgery-yay!  My newest worry is now that I could possibly be getting my boot off, is the fact that WINTER IS COMING and I will be learning to walk “normally” again in the snow.  I’m trying my best to really really WATCH where I am going and to SLOW THE HELL DOWN.  We will see!

READING IS FUN TURKIES!1601371_10107631112800664_4823585988430108437_n


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